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Small companies often attempt to save money by making their own website or hiring a less experienced web designer to create a static website.

This can lead to poor visual design and/or a website with limited abilities. Costing them more on updates and accessibility upgrades.

Historically, Flash websites have been regarded as great looking websites with premium market appeal. 70% of streamed video is played through Flash and because of websites like YouTube people are now watching television on the web.

Unfortunately, the majority of web designers have disregarded Flash because these sites are not accessible to popular search engines. In addition, users are not able to bookmark pages or use their back and forward buttons. Flash websites also require extra costs for simple text or image updates. A nothingGrinder website now has all these facilities and more!

Not What You Respected

This Blog is a discussion board for topics related to our goals as a company. We hope to give a fighting chance to small and private business. In the world of web design and development It is very easy for someone to misunderstand the requirements for an effective website. It is even easier for them to be misinformed.

Most web companies will have people believe that what they do is the best way to do it, the only way. They preach these things because it is what they believe. We too have our ways of building and educating our clients and potential clients. This Blog strives to bring a less biased view to the world of buying and owning a webSite.

Here at Nothing Grinder we do believe that we have the best practices for website development. Our practices will be proven with time and experience. We hope anyone reading this Blog can get some valuable information from it. Thank you.