Stumbled upon this interesting article about manipulating Flash shapes today. I have always been frustrated by the limits of the Drawing capabilities in ActionScript. I love using the Flash IDE to create and manipulate shapes but the lack of the same ability in code has always bothered me.flash

We all know the best way to optimize Flash is by mixing smart programming and distributing assets appropriately. The more you break your system apart the more flexibility you have with sequencing background loading of objects. I believe this idea of non-linear background loading along with multiples of SWF files which trigger, control, and monitor the background loads, is the key to making Flash movies as seamless as low latency HTML pages.

It might take time to work out a solution that will function properly and still be scalable for both the application and the developer, but it is totally worth it. I intend to include this type of load sequence in the nGn product. Right now we are working hard to release our BETA for the New Year and don’t have time to dive into the optimization yet. I assure  you it is a high priority as I expect we will get a lot of feedback regarding the loading times.

Luckily for us we are incubating our nGn in a closed Japanese market. Japan has access to (I’m guessing) the fastest internet connections in the world. What takes minutes to load in London, takes a mere couple of seconds in Japan. This is a very promising aspect of our release plan.

Here is a link to the article on dealing with Flash Shapes. Perhaps there is some opportunity for innovation there somewhere. Visit the homepage: